Assessing System Development Projects

On-Demand – 1-CPE


Implementing new or extensively modified systems introduces a significant risk of system failure or operational difficulties that could have major negative impact on the business. Auditors can add value and provide important perspectives throughout the systems development process to help mitigate system development risks. 

Audit participation in system development projects requires the right skill set, consulting approach and active team involvement. A pro-active audit approach can result in a win-win for the development team, Audit and the business.

This class is designed for IT Auditors, Financial and Business Auditors and  Audit Management.

Topics covered in this 1-CPE class will include:

·      Software Development Risks                                                   

·      Audit's Primary Objectives

·      Value Adding Auditing                                                               

·      Staffing the Audit

·      Assessing the System Development Methodology                

·      Traditional / Waterfall Development Model                             

·      Agile Development Model                                                         

·      Assessing Project Management                                               

·      Assessing System Implementation Plans