Introduction to Cryptography / Encryption

On-Demand - 2 CPEs


Most auditors know the word “encryption” but do not know what it really means. This on-demand class will demystify encryption concepts so that you will finally understand what does happen when you apply encryption to an e-mail or view HTTPS in Internet communications.

After this class you will have the confidence you need to push back during audits and ask probing questions when an auditee or an IT professional says "don't worry, the critical information is encrypted."  

If you are considering taking the CISA examination you will need to know the information covered in this class. The knowledge you gain during this class will give you a head start on preparing for the CISA exam to correctly answer those CISA encryption questions the other test-takers will probably answer incorrectly. Representative CISA sample questions will be reviewed during the webinar to reinforce encryption concepts.

This class is designed for IT Auditors, Financial and Business Auditors, Internal and External Auditors, and Audit Management.

Topics covered in this 2-CPE class will include:

·      Cryptography Concepts                                                            

·      Symmetric Key Encryption                                                        

·      Asymmetric Key Encryption                                                      

·      Digital Certificates

·      Digital Signatures

·      Hash Functions

·      Message Digests                                                                        

·      HTTPS - TLS Protocol                                                               

·      Key Management Considerations 

NOTE: This course material is covered in the 24-CPE Assessing IT Risks & Controls on-demand learning class. If you have taken the 24-CPE Assessing IT Risks & Controls course, please view our other course offerings for new materials.