Auditing Vendor Master Maintenance in NetSuite

Auditing today’s IT environment necessitates a thorough understanding of how vendor master data can be entered and maintained. To protect against bad actors, it is essential that vendor data is securely monitored and controlled. Poor maintenance of vendor master data is the gateway to fraud.

To help organizations meet this obligation, Connor Thompson, CIA, Associate of ISC², and (CISA candidate), discusses a variety of pertinent concerns. In this course, we explore examples of control design and will walk you through how vendor master data can be entered and maintained in NetSuite. We take a close look at a sample internal control questionnaire, a risk library, and control design considerations for vendor master maintenance.

This course will enhance your working knowledge of the NetSuite platform and provide you a better overall understanding of vendor master maintenance risks and controls.

In addition to the helpful insight provided, three hours of CPE credit will be awarded upon completion of the class.

The intended audience for this seminar includes all auditors (IT Auditors, business / financial auditors, internal and external auditors), management with the responsibility to design and implement controls in NetSuite, and staff of any organization that is leveraging NetSuite for their day-to-day operations.